A downloadable game for Windows

in this game, you are playing as a lieutenant officer name David Stallings, you are trying to investigate the abandoned house, but as you are investigate, you encounter a robber, as you are arresting the robber, you hear a gunshot, you start to investigate

the other room, and you see 3 bodies (one rich dude, others are 2 bodyguards) after that you tried to go to the next room but it's locked, you and the robber then go to the an other room, where you find a friend and a genius, after that you found the key, then you, the robber and your friends goes the to the door of the next room, you unlock it

and goes to the next room, then you encounter a room that is like a maze, as you are walking, you see a individual (who looks like a ghoul) guarding the key for the next room, and this is where the game begins.

Arrow Keys - Move Around

Space - skip/faster cutscenes

Esc - Menu Screen.

Install instructions

you can only download it on windows

click the download button 

if it does not work, contact me.


Game.exe 1 MB